jSparrow: Java Code Functionality Improvements and Enhancement
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Diamond Operator
For-Loop to Stream::ForEach

As Legacy Consultants we have been asked how to prepare million lines of Legacy Java code for the nessecary transitions of digitization. These sources need to be transformed into modern and safe Java 7/8 architecture  – as an initial step – before implementing bigger changes and interfaces to partner systems.


Users can select various aspects of the project to improve their sources as they want.


First they can select the sources/projects, on which the rules shall be executed. They have the choice to select parts of a project or a whole project within their Eclipse workspace.


The second step is to decide which improvements shall be executed:


  • String manipulation
  • Formatting
  • Coding conventions
  • Performance
  • Readability
  • Old language constructs
  • Lambda
  • Logging


After applying the selected rules, jSparrow displays a diff-view with the old and the imporved sources. The user still has the possibility to unselect rules and run jSparrow again. Only approved changes will be effected on your sources.



jSparrow makes it possible to select various quality aspects to improve your projects in a safe way.

set standards


jSparrow redefines the way companies can set programming standards and improve the legacy code. Coding standards help to increase the readabilty and to reduce the maintenance costs. jSparrow has a big range of rules to support standards.


  •  ArithmeticAssignment
  • BracketsToControl
  • CodeFormatter
  • FieldNameConvention
  • MultiVariableDeclarationLine
  • OrganiseImports
  • RearrangeClassMembers
  • StringConcatToPlus
  • StringLiteralEqualityCheck
  • StringUtils
  • SystemOutToLogging


jSparrow can be extended with rules to assure your Company Standards (programming guidelines, coding conventions, frameworks, architectures,..). In this way you can improve your sources and ensure your “daily” software quality. This helps to ensure your software standards and reduce your quality costs for code reviews.


code smells


Removal of potential bugs and code smells is the main purpose of jSparrow. jSparrow is very efficient in disposing of these threats with its rules.  Code smells, i.e, parts of the program, which functionally do the right thing, but technically are programmed wrong will get corrected.


  • InefficientConstructor
  • MultiVariableDeclarationLine
  • OverrideAnnotation
  • PrimitiveBoxedForString
  • RemoveNewStringConstructor
  • RemoveToStringOnString
  • SerialVersionUid
  • StringFormatLineSeparator
  • StringLiteralEqualityCheck
  • SystemOutToLogging




jSparrow not only replaces apperent bugs. Many bugs remain undetected throughout compiling, and instead they appear in very special situations in the duration of usage. The applied rules automatically detect and remove also hidden bugs and provide you with corrected sources.





Keeping up to date with the latest Java standards, means a lot of software maintenance work. Many frequently used methods got deprecated. Not upgrading your software to the latest Java versions increases your technical debt. jSparrow upgrades old code-artifacts to new state-of-the-art programming practices.


  • CollectionRemoveAll
  • DiamondRule
  • ForEachToLambda
  • ForToForEach
  • FunctionalInterface
  • LambdaToMethodReference
  • MultiCatch
  • StatementLambdaToExpression
  • SystemOutToLogging
  • TryWithResource
  • WhileToForEach


Keeping a high level of software quality, also means the avoidance of unsteady constructs. In older Java-Versions constructs were used which now, out of safety measurements, don´t find any usage any longer . jSparrow replaces these deprecated and unsecure functionality with new and safe methods.


jSparrow automatically removes bugs and code smells and modernizes your code according to the best practices in Java programming.

Once you installed jSparrow in your Eclipse

– you will SAVE MONEY & TIME in modernizing your Java sources.

How to install jSparrow?

jSparrow has to be installed via Eclipse update site or eclipse marketplace.


Eclipse installation
Eclipse update site:jSparrow

For help read our installation guide

or watch our video guide:  How to install jSparrow

You need some help?

Your will find help in our Knowledge Base

jSparrow – inspects your (syntax) trees


jSparrow is a new Eclipse PlugIn for automatical source code improvements of existing projects.

Our crafty sparrow inspects the  tree of your code in order to remove bugs and other code smells. It finds the threats and replaces them with clean and modern Java code. This keeps your system healthy and strong.



Together we advance.