License for jSparrow: Buy jSparrow Eclipse Plugin Annual License
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(Price for Eclipse single-user license)


(Price for Maven single-user license)


(Price for Maven floating license)


(Price for Eclipse single-user license)


jSparrow is an Eclipse and Maven Plugin for automatical code improvements.
Once installed in your Eclipse IDE or in your Maven Repository,

the plugin automatically removes bugs and code smells and

modernizes your code according to the best practices in Java programming.

Your license include all releases of jSparrow within the period of validity.

Our Release Policy is as follows:

Two major releases per year

  • 21st June – Midsummer Release
  • 21st December – Release of the longest night

Monthly Rule releases

If we developed new rules, they will be released on the 21st of each month

(if the 21st isn’t an Austrian working day- the release will be postponed one month)

Weekly Bugfix releases 

Bugfixes will be released each Tuesday

Hotfix Releases  

Hotfix Releases can be deployed any time (hopefully not necessary)

Buy 5 licenses or more for a discount!

Your jSparrow license extends automatically every year -unless you cancel the subscription.

You can correct this subscription according the terms and conditions of our trading partner.

You can get the trial version by installing the plugin via your eclipse tool.