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jSparrow is an Eclipse PlugIn for automatical software modernization with the main focus on reducing bugs and code smells.
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We at Splendit are specialists when it comes to software modernization.


During the last 10 years, we have developed innovative tools for software measurements and automatic code improvements.


We also know the maintenance problems of most software departments. Some of their Java systems can be up to 20 years old! For various reasons, software maintenance has often been neglected. Older architectures are often not able to provide the safety needed and often require modernization to a newer technical standard.


jSparrow is an automated Eclipse PlugIn, which finds and replaces different kinds of threat in Java software systems.


It applies coding conventions, removes code smells, improves readability and makes the upgrade process to newer Java versions easy and quick.


The usage of  jSparrow allows you to save a lot of valuable time, while offering the option to automatically upgrade your Java program to the latest version of Java.

set standards


Observing developing standards is not only a necessity to improve software quality; It also helps to reduce time to start with a new project and decrease software maintenance costs.


jSparrow supports you with improving source code quality according to general coding standards, in the same way its rule base approach supports company standards.


code smells


Many of the older Java programs are supporting you in your daily work; But older architectures lack in performance, safety and the list of minor bugs or code smells have increased with each architecture change.


jSparrow removes bugs and reduces the technical debt of your project within a few minutes. The list of code smells and bugs will get shorter with few clicks.




Our main goal is to assist you in renewing your IT systems. In order to modernize them, we have developed specialized tools, which will help you in your software maintenance tasks.


jSparrow is an Eclipse plugin with which we help to improve code quality of existing Java projects automatically. It improves your Java code and transforms it to Java 7/8.


Splendit – your legacy experts!


what we do

We want to provide you with our knowledge, experience and manpower, in order to keep your systems running at its peak.


what we achieve

Modernizing legacy systems help companies save money and improve their code base.


our goal

Improving your existing environment is our main goal.