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About us



More than 10 years ago we founded Splendit IT-Consulting GmbH with the main focus on software quality and the modernization of legacy systems.  We have a professional team of motivated colleagues, trained in the usage of common programming languages like Java and old languages like Cobol and PL/I.


Our main goal is to assist you in understanding and renewing your legacy systems.


Across the world there are billions of lines of legacy code. Modernizing such code requires both experience as well as specialized tools. Our staff is experienced with legacy tools over decades and we have developed specialized tools in order to modernize these systems automatically.

Splendit – your legacy experts!


As IT professionals, we are aware of the importance to keep up with software development trends and best practices.

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what we achieve


We improve your software systems, which are the back bone of running your business.


our goal


Our goal is to modernize legacy system with reasonable effort to keep your sources maintainable.


Together we advance.