Timeline of the jSparrow Eclipse Plugin Present Releases
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Timeline of our jSparrow Releases

21. November 2017
21. September 2017
6. Jul 2017
21. Jun 2017
31. Mar 2017
1. Feb 2017

jSparrow‘s splendid growth!

jSparrow  2.3.0. release

jSparrow is growing in a rapid and elegant speed! jSparrow has enhanced usability of tools!

jSparrow settles down on Earth

jSparrow  2.2.0. release

jSparrow has now settled down with new assets!

jSparrow breathes Eclipse Oxygen 

jSparrow Eclipse Oxygen 2.0.2. release

As jSparrow is growing on earth, jSparrow has been tested for Eclipse Oxygen and macOS!

Midsummer release

Midsummer night 2.0. release

Just in time for the celebration of Midsummer night jSparrow will return to earth, where he is finally able to breath Oxygen again.
You can not only expect an extension of the rulesetting, but also get an expension for Eclipse Oxygen.

jSparrow advances to Mars

jSparrow lands with the release 1.1 on Mars.
jSparrow is now also available for Eclipse Mars.

jSparrow landed on the free market

jSparrow Market release 1.0

jSparrow landed on the free market for the very first time.
But just like we advance together, jSparrow doesn´t plan to stay the same but rather advance in future journeys into the universe of programming. In the following months you will often get the opportunity to decide which direction we head next. So stay tuned for further information !