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3 Reasons to refactor code and improve software quality

3 Reasons to refactor code and improve software quality

clean code

Bad code can function. However, it costs companies time and effort to work with bad code.

Getting rid of “code smells” by using coding principals, best practices and efficient formatting increases readability and therefore longevity of source code, and makes it that much easier for new developers to join development team.

jSparrow is the best refactoring investment for the future.


Our philosophy is to enable developers to work on new tasks and developments. Repetitive development tasks, that can be automated, should be automated.

Just as it is in the industry, the combination of (machine) automation and human input proofs to be very effective:

Let developers do what they are good at (coming up with individual solutions) and let computer automation do what it is good at (repetitive and precise tasks).

Use jSparrow for the refactoring and increase your developers productivity today!

code quality

Low quality code means that a technical debt has been accumulated. Making it more difficult to change software, leading to longer development cycles and therefore higher cost.

Not only that, but development has increased risk of introducing new bugs in new features. Improving code quality through refactoring means increasing maintainability and reducing the risk of introducing new bugs.

jSparrow is a powerful tool to improve code quality and reduce technical debt. See SonarQube metrics!

jSparrow is available for:

Code refactoring

Code refactoring is an important process to maintain existing computer code without changing external output.

jSparrow allows the advantages of code refactoring by increasing readability,

effectively locate and exterminate Code Smells and Bugs,

allows source-code maintainability and can apply company-standard architecture to code.

Refactor your Java code. Improve the code quality. Apply the latest Java features. All automatically.

Reliable Code Management

Reliable Code Management

Seamlessly integrated in your infrastructure

Enhance Maintainability and Readability

Clean Code
jSparrow establishes robust coding standards based on best practices.

Code Smells within Minutes

Within a few minutes jSparrow removes code smells and bugs automatically.

Technical Debt and Maintenance Work

Code Quality
jSparrow increases code quality and keeps modern Java standards.

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