Why jSparrow

Why jSparrow

Compare your code side-by-side with jSparrow reliable improvements

When you run jSparrow on your system source, jSparrow will show you side by side

a comparison of your original source and the improved source
which jSparrow automatically adopted and maintained for you.

A comparison with the original allows you to stay certain that

there are no hidden actions and no surprises.

In the past, repetitive maintenance work could only

be done manually but now this is an automated task of jSparrow.

This allows your IT-team to finally focus on implementing new business-features

and improving the external functionality of your product or/and your system.


Once you decide to integrate jSparrow’s rule-based changes,

you will save months of maintenance effort

and thus effectively reduce your maintenance costs.


Refactor your Java code. Improve the code quality.

Apply the latest Java features. All done automatically.

Automatic Refactoring

jSparrow is a new tool for automatic Java Refactoring of existing projects. Code refactoring is an important process to maintain existing source code without changing external output.

jSparrow finds bugs and other code smells and replaces them with clean and modern Java code. This keeps your system healthy and strong. jSparrow automates refactoring of Java code thus it makes repetitive work unnecessary when upgrading to a new Java version.

Don´t lose time with tedious and repetitive work –

Let jSparrow do it!

Rule Based Approach

jSparrow is an automated and rule-based code improvement tool, which finds and fixes a wide variety of problems in Java sources. Currently, there are over 50 rules implemented, which are designed for applying coding conventions, removing code smells, improving readability and modernizing your Java codebase.

You find a detailed description of the rules on our documentation page.

Configurable Profiles

jSparrow has a rule based approach. Each refactoring is defined via a rule. jSparrow offers more than 50 rules. You can predefine the aspects you like to change in your projects, e.g. improving readability, performance, old language constructs, formatting, coding conventions or all together.

You can also select and group rules as profiles. These profiles can be easily exported and imported within your team or company. With your profiles you can ensure that your company standards will be kept with every usage of jSparrow.

See how you can create and use profiles in Eclipse, in Maven or Github.

Fast, faster, jSparrow

With jSparrow you can automatically refactor millions of lines of Java code – within just minutes. You can choose out of more than 50 powerful rules to easily bring your code to the latest Java standards as well as your team’s coding standards.

We run jSparrow on 50 Open Source projects on GitHub.

See our impressive results here.

A Solution for all Infrastructures

jSparrow automates Java code refactoring independently of the underlying development environment. It is available for Eclipse, Maven and GitHub.


User guided

A rule based approach allows our users to stay in control at all times and apply only the improvements needed at the moment. jSparrow offers great flexibility in choosing which rules to apply, while having a safe and consistent workflow.

After confirming the selected rules, jSparrow analyses the chosen sources. In the preview wizard the findings are displayed. You can browse through the rules. The summary page shows you the number of findings, the duration time and the time you safe in applying jSparrow.

Find the detailed description here.


To calculate the “technical debt” there are more than 500 rules that describe the debt of bugs, code smells and vulnerabilities. Not all of these rules can be refactored automatically.

Before the jSparrow team implements an automatic rule, the findings are thoroughly tested with all corner cases. Only those methods that can be replaced error-free by new ones are implemented as rules in jSparrow.

Local License Server

If your development environment does not have permanent access to the Internet or your company prefers to manage the licenses internally, a standalone server can be set up for jSparrow. For more information please contact us: info@jSparrow.eu

jSparrow is available for:

Code refactoring

Code refactoring is an important process

The process maintain existing computer code without changing external output. By owning a license of jSparrow you allow the advantages of code refactoring by letting jSparrow effectively apply coding conventions, effectively locate and exterminate code smells, improve readability of your code and upgrade your dated Java code to newer Java versions as well as the possibility to stay up to date and apply company-standard architecture.Refactor your Java code. Improve the code quality. Apply the latest Java features. All automatically.



Authorized Resellers and International Distributors

Rules available
Average Amount of Issues Fixed
Average Amount of Hours Saved
Reliable Code Management

Reliable Code Management

Seamlessly integrated in your infrastructure

Maintainability and Readability

Clean Code
jSparrow establishes robust coding standards based on best practices.

Code Smells within Minutes

Within a few minutes jSparrow removes code smells and bugs automatically.

Technical Debt and Maintenance Work

Code Quality
jSparrow increases code quality and keeps modern Java standards.